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Panther Construction Products, based in Bradford West Yorkshire,  is an independent supplier of accessories to the construction industry.

With a strong customer focus we aim to respond quickly to enquiries and provide a prompt delivery service you can rely on.

Covering a wide range of product sectors including

Concrete Accessories

Geotextiles and Geogrids

Formwork Accessories


Brickwork Ancillaries



Concrete Repair

Site Sundry items


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We are sure you will not be disappointed. We pride ourselves on sourcing products for customers, no matter how obscure they may seem!

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Concrete Accessories

We supply a wide range of concrete accessories including

  • Concrete Spacers

  • Metal Hychair

  • Plastic Track Spacer

  • Beamform

  • Tying Wire

  • Polythene

  • Protection Caps

  • Bolt Boxes

  • and many more!

Water Proofing

Waterproof products offered from a range of suppliers covering

  • Pre Applied Membrane

  • Self Adhesive tanking

  • Cementitious products

  • Bentonite Membranes

  • Liquid Applied

  • plus ancillary items

Brickwork Ancillaries

Waterproof products offered from a range of suppliers covering

  • Wall Ties

  • Joint Fillers

  • Cavity Closers

  • Damp Proof Course

  • Hessian

  • Sealants

Water proofing
Test equipment
Brickwork accessories


We supply a wide range of construction chemicals including

  • Mould Oils

  • Curing Agents

  • Concrete Retarders

  • Debonding Paint

  • Equipment Cleaner

  • Bitumen Paint

  • and many more!


Access to numerous fixing suppliers and products

  • Nails

  • Expansion Bolts

  • Concrete Screws

  • Tek Screws

  • Resins

  • plus lots of ancillary items

Site Consumables

Waterproof products offered from a range of suppliers covering

  • Orange Barrier Fencing

  • Pointed Road Pins

  • Line Marker Spray

  • Gorilla Tubs

  • Plastic Buckets

  • Brushes / Rollers

  • Flooring Trowels

  • Debris Netting

  • and many more!

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For any enquiries please call 01274 753771 or drop us a line via the contact box above.
Panther Construction Products
12 Rowan Trade Park, Neville Road,
Bradford, BD4 8TQ.
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