Vehicle Sanitiser - In Stock

New product added to our range as we continue to ensure our customers can get back to work safely.

The Total Release Sanitiser brings total peace of mind, disinfecting your space in a matter of minutes.

Specially formulated with strong antibacterial and virus-fighting ingredients, Safe2Stay offers protection and reassurance.

Once the can is set off, within 5 minutes it creates an anti-bacterial and anti-viral fog.

After sanitising the space it’s in, the solution evaporates, leaving no residue. Just return after 20 minutes, ventilate and you are Safe2Stay.

Large room coverage of 100 cubic meters. More than one can be used for larger spaces.

The total release sanitiser can also be used in a range of vehicles: It will sanitise the car interior and run through your air-conditioning system.

Safe2Stay will also eliminate odours that are caused by bacteria, leaving a clinically clean smell with no added perfumes offering total reassurance.

We manufacture the Total Release Sanitiser in the United Kingdom. Tested and approved:

Call us on 01274 753771, or email to

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